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Curawaka launch campaign to help the Yawanawa people in Brazil!

We want to forward this IMPORTANT campaign from our dear friends in Curawaka <3

"Dear community. We have worked the past months to move this project, and we feel joyful that we can finally share it with you today. The Yawanawa people and culture have been such an important influence and inspiration to us, as they have been to many people. It breaks our heart to know that their rivers are getting so polluted that they no longer are safe to drink, as the tribes have done through all times.

We have teamed up with WaterNow, Mose ∞ and Nixi Music to create this campaign, "Water is Life", in order to raise funds to help the Yawanawa people. If we succeed in our goal, we will be able to install a sustainable water system in the village Mutum, for them to be able to have clean water.

We believe that the beautiful world we are dreaming of will come when we all gather to protect our sacred waters and our beautiful blue planet.

THANK YOU for watching and for your support. We do this together! Any donation - great or small - will mean the world of difference to our cousins in the jungle. Go check it out! -->

Thank you so much to our dear friend and teacher Matsini Yawanawa and his family, and all our friends of Rio Gregorio for your inspiration, alliance, healing, and service to humanity.

Thank you so much to water warrior Karuna Ji and the organization WaterNow for your amazing service to the waters of the world and for your fantastic help on this project. You guys are heroes!

This campaign also sparks the pre-release of an amazing new track, "Curawaka - Te Nande (Mose Remix)", which we are super excited about One of the perks of supporting the campaign is a free download of this epic track, so check it out! Thank you so much to dear brother Mose ∞ for devoting your talent and support on this project. You are pure heart!

Also super grateful to our label Nixi Music who will support by not charging for releasing the Mose remix, so that maximal revenue for online streaming platforms can go to the Yawanawa people, even after the campaign is finished. It means so much! AHO familia!! Let´s bring on that golden dawn!"

Lots of love, Curawaka

Curawaka -

WaterNow -


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