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Charlotte Mabon is ready with her new single "Guiding Spirits"!

UK singer songwriter Charlotte Mabon Music announces the release of her stunning new single, ‘Guiding Spirits’. The single is the latest from Charlotte’s upcoming debut EP Of Grief And Gratitude, and comes out February 11th.

Featuring intricate acoustic intrumentation and soaring vocals, the single is a subtle yet powerful song about letting go: “Guiding spirits is a song of letting go and surrendering to the greater forces that are out of our control” explains Charlotte”. It explores the concept that we must lose ourselves in order to be found, experience hurt to know healing and ultimately meet death in order to fully understand life. If this song had an image it would be of a bird flying to the sun, dissolving into its golden rays and being reborn in full consciousness of its magnificence as part of the whole.”

'Guiding spirits of the night

Gravitate me homewards as I fly

On this round earth, across this blue sky

In trust I'll reach to your kingdom of light

Your golden rays are guiding me home

To a home that can only be danced and sung

Levitate me back to where I come from

Allow me to die and with you be reborn

I'm awake, I'm a child of the sun

I illumine the pathways unto the one

I rest in the echoes here, of your love

Blessed on this journey from earth to above’

‘Guiding Spirits’ is the latest single on a new 3-track EP which poetically traces the arc of grief and transcendence, introducing a truly exciting newcomer to the worlds of folk and new age music.

Of Grief and Gratitude EP is due April 8th.


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