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Chandra Lacombe "Medicine Buddha" is out today!

Continuing to bring the ‘healing feeling’ through music to the world, Chandra Lacombe releases the second single ‘Medicine Buddha’, from his forthcoming album ‘Jaya’, on Nixi Music. Medicine Buddha follows ‘Mahamrityunjaya´which was played on Worldwide FM by Colleen Cosmo Murphy and featured in Yoga Magazine.

Medicine Buddha’ is a powerful mantra which is used for healing or the dispelling of any kind of disease. It is addressed to the great compassionate Buddha, whom carries a very soulful prayer… One that is able to uproot from the mind the very cause of all kinds of illness, as if its compassion acts to melt the grip of the negativity trends, which are the true cause of disease. This version has its unique fusion touch as it brings together the Eastern Buddhist message, dressed with the melody and groove which is evocative of Peruvian medicine traditional tunes. The "mandala" on this one has a hypnotic dreamtime continuum feature, that is really captivating and induces a meditative effect. This track from the ‘Jaya’ album is one of my personal highlights.” - Chandra Lacombe

Words: “Teyata Om

Bekhandze Bekhandze

Maha Bekhandze

Radza Samudgate Soha

Translation: “We beg to the medicine buddha to eliminate all true causes of disease and suffering which lies in the mind”

A mantra is an instrument of the mind, a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to enter a deep state of meditation. Each Mantra contains its own unique vibration of consciousness and produces unique and specific vibrations in the mind. They can lift karma and are said to be a pathway to enlightenment. Chandra weaves these ancient tools into his music, giving a feeling of softness and calm. Relaxing and enchanting, his unique falsetto voice sings Eastern mantras, whilst he plays the kalimba, an African instrument that was originally designed to play with your thumbs, which Chandra developed a full hand technique much like playing a piano. This style of playing opens up a new world of possibilities, where the listener is transported to the realm of the heart upon listening.

Chandra began playing and recording music in the early 80s. Starting with percussion and rhythm and immersing in various underground Brazilian music and spiritual movements. His early album releases include ‘Aquantico’ and ‘Araculo Musical’, where he started to mix songs with lyrics, mantras and the new age ambience of the kalimba. He worked with artists including Janderson Fernandes (Prem Baba) and Carioca - with whom he worked on the albums ‘Meeting in the Forest’ ‘Shanti Alegria’ and ‘Celebration’. Chandra released albums ‘Sound of Awakening’ (2007), Namaskar (2012) and ‘Carruagem’ in 2015, with his band Fusão Divina. His latest release ‘Estrela Do Amor’ was released in support of ‘Hospitagua’ a hospital project to help promote vibration and subtle healing for people

“Through my music I try to touch the hearts of people and try to kindle that flame of devotion in the hearts. This is my own way of serving my purpose in life… Inspiring people to feel closer to their souls and lead them to merge with that inner source of truth. I feel sometimes my music is a source of soul-nourishment… It’s a soulful commitment that I have, music and my spiritual journey. My music comes as a messenger for my own insights on spirituality and how it unfolds in my life.” - Chandra Lacombe


Written & composed by: Chandra Lacombe, Traditional mantra

Produced by: Txai Fernando

Mixed by: Txai Fernando

Mastered by: Jock Loveband


Chandra Lacombe – voice, kalimba, percussion

Surya – voice

Herbert Quinteros – flutes, charango, icaro

Diego Francisco – guitar, bass

Txai Fernando – keyboards, percussion, soundscape


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