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Chandra Lacombe - Mahamritjunjaya is out today!

"Hi everyone… Medicine tribe and yoga family. I am happy to bring out the first single “Mahamritiunjaya “ mantra which is part of the new upcoming album “Jaya “.

It is out just in perfect timing to implement the great night of lord Shiva “ Mahashivaratri “

All these times we spent working in the studio is now rewarded… I hope all of you enjoy it!"

Chandra Lacombe

With a mission to bring spiritual teachings into music, Brazilian artist, Chandra Lacombe, weaves teachings of the East and the medicine path of the South Americas. ‘Mahamritjunjaya Mantra’ is the first song released from Lacombe’s forthcoming album, ‘Jaya’.

‘Mahamritjunjaya Mantra’’ is the first single released from Chandra’s forthcoming album ‘Jaya’. “This mantra (mantras are ancient vibrational healing tools) is dedicated to ‘Lord Shiva’, the one with three eyes and who can see beyond duality, seeing what really lies beneath. He pervades and nourishes all creatures and helps to destroy diseases, even death. All things are bound to perish. Shiva helps to rescue the nectar and release attachment to death, which leads to eternal life, which is our true innermost nature. This is a good way to translate this beautiful Shiva mantra, also known as a Rudra mantra.”

Artwork design: Fabio Issao

Animation: Jonatan Ørting (Joeight Creations)

Press & PR: Kim Both (Vision Futura)

Written & composed by: Chandra Lacombe, traditional mantra

Produced by: Txai Fernando, Nils Olav Lausund

Mixed by: Txai Fernando

Mastered by: Jock Loveband

Musician credits:

Chandra Lacombe: Vocal, Kalimba

Txai Fernando: Guitar, backing vocals, synths, sound scapes, percussion

Endre Hareide: Electronic bass Guitar

Adrian Freedman: Shakuhachi flute

Marileen Lewis : Backing Vocals

Giita Rani: Backing Vocals.

More on Chandra:


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