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Chandra Lacombe "Jaya Ganesha" out today!

Continuing to bring the ‘healing feeling’ through music to the world, Chandra Lacombe releases the third single ‘Jaya Ganesha’, from his forthcoming album ‘Jaya’, on Nixi Music.

‘Jaya Ganesha’ opens with Lacombe’s beautiful falsetto harmony before entering into a mantra in dedication to Ganesha - the elephant headed Hindu deity, known as the remover of obstacles.

Chant lyrics:

Jaya Ganesha, Jaya Ganesha Jaya Ganesha Pahiman Sri Ganesh, Sri Ganesha Sri Ganesha Rakshaman

Gam Ganapatye Namo Namah Gam Ganapatye Namo Namah

“Whenever we sing Ganesha's mantra we are somehow invoking the power of a principle that must cope with any negativity in the shape of obstacles. In that mantra when we sing Pahiman we are begging for the grace of the Lord Ganesha... For salvation from negativities. Whereas when we sing Rakshaman we call upon its power to protect us from obstacles. Jaya Ganesha is the third single from the upcoming album "Jaya" ...Particularly in that track we've brought the typical "Bhajam/Kirtan" structure so to create an uplifting and cheerful mood to it the spirit of this chanting is to celebrate the very victory of Ganesha Deva whom is also known as "Ganapati" the one that leads (commands) the troop of Ganas... The army of Good, of Virtue and Wisdom... JAYA GANESHA

Enjoy and chant it with that spirit.” - Chandra Lacombe

A mantra is an instrument of the mind, a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to enter a deep state of meditation. Each Mantra contains its own unique vibration of consciousness and produces unique and specific vibrations in the mind. They can lift karma and are said to be a pathway to enlightenment. The repetition of the words clear the subconscious patterns and elevate the listener. Lacombe weaves these ancient tools into his music, giving a feeling of softness and calm.

“Through my music I try to touch the hearts of people and try to kindle that flame of devotion in the hearts. This is my own way of serving my purpose in life... Inspiring people to feel closer to their souls and lead them to merge with that inner source of truth. I feel sometimes my music is a source of soul-nourishment... It’s a soulful commitment that I have, music and my spiritual journey. My music comes as a messenger for my own insights on spirituality and how it unfolds in my life.” - Chandra Lacombe


Artwork: Fabio Issao

Animation: Joeight Creations

Song Credits:

Written & composed by: Traditional mantra, David Newman

Produced by: Nils Olav Lausund, Txai Fernando

Mixed by: Nils Olav Lausund, Txai Fernando

Mastered by: Jock Loveband


Chandra Lacombe – voice, kalimba, percussion

Adrian Freedman - Flute

Endre Hareide - Bass

Nils Olav Lausund - Synth, beat programming

Diego Francisco – guitar

Txai Fernando – Bells, guitar

Hanne Helene Engelien Viestad - Harmonium, backing vocals

Tore Brevik - Percussion

Giitam - Backing vocals

Melissa Mourao - Backing vocals

Leo Narayan - Backing vocals

Lia Arruda - Backing vocals


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