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Chandra Lacombe ‘Jaya Ganesha’ - Nils Olav remix  out now!


With the original featured on Chandra Lacombe’s recent album ‘Jaya’, Nixi music label head Nils Olav gives ‘Jaya Ganesha’ a dancefloor twist. 


“This was my favourite song from Chandra’s last album ‘Jaya’. I always wanted to make a more kirtan style remix to play out in my DJ-sets, and this is perfect for that.” - Nils Olav 


‘Jaya Ganesha’ opens with Lacombe’s beautiful falsetto before entering into a mantra in dedication to Ganesha - the elephant headed Hindu deity, known as the remover of obstacles.


Chant lyrics: 

Jaya Ganesha, Jaya Ganesha, Jaya Ganesha Pahiman

Sri Ganesh, Sri Ganesha, Sri Ganesha Rakshaman

Gam Ganapatye Namo Namah, Gam Ganapatye Namo Namah


“Whenever we sing Ganesha's mantra we are somehow invoking the power of a principle that must cope with any negativity in the shape of obstacles. In that mantra when we sing Pahiman we are begging for the grace of the Lord Ganesha… For salvation from negativities.  Whereas when we sing Rakshaman we call upon its power to protect us from obstacles. Jaya Ganesha is the third single from the upcoming album "Jaya" ...Particularly in that track we've brought the typical "Bhajam/Kirtan" structure so to create an uplifting and cheerful mood to it the spirit of this chanting is to celebrate the very victory of Ganesha Deva whom is also known as "Ganapati" the one that leads (commands) the troop of Ganas… The army of Good, of Virtue and Wisdom… JAYA GANESHA!

  Enjoy and chant it with that spirit.” - Chandra Lacombe


A mantra is an instrument of the mind, a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to enter a deep state of meditation. Each Mantra contains its own unique vibration of consciousness and produces unique and specific vibrations in the mind. They can lift karma and are said to be a pathway to enlightenment. The repetition of the words clear the subconscious patterns and elevate the listener. Lacombe weaves these ancient tools into his music, giving afeeling of softness and calm.

Listen, Stream & Download here:

About Chandra Lacombe:


With a mission to bring spiritual teachings into music, Brazilian artist, Chandra Lacombe, weaves the wisdom of the Eastern Traditions together with the spirituality and mythology of the South American Medicine Path. Approaching music as an alive spirit, Chandra’s music touches the soul through the powerful healing frequency of the heart.


Chandra is a complete musician that, first being a percussionist, has chosen the Kalimba, an African percussion instrument, as his main compositional instrument. Chandra developed a unique technique using all of his fingers to play the Kalimba, opening up a new world of possibilities for soloing and phrasing.


A prolific artist, recording and releasing music since the early 90s, Chandra has released over ten albums, including ‘Musica das Esferas´(1992), ’Terra à Vista’ (1994) and ‘Matutu’ (2000) with his band Udiyana Bandha. Several under his own name, including collaborations with Txai Fernando, Kailash Kokopelli, Maneesh de Moor, Satyadev Barman and Sigmund Vatvedt, and he has also released music with Brazilian master musician, Carioca, including the releases ‘Meeting in the Forest’, ‘Shanti Alegria’ and ’Celebration’, by now all classics in the worldwide spiritual community.


About Nils Olav:

Norwegian born Nils Olav, a vinyl addict since a teenager, began producing music and DJing under the name Nils Noa in his late teens. At only 22 he became the first Norwegian artist to release an Essential Mix, one of the most acclaimed DJ mix platforms of that time. 


As Nils’ music taste broadened, and through meetings with musician, Chandra Lacombe, from Brazil, he found himselfimmersed in an underground culture of medicine music - musicians who were aligned with deep spiritual values and time spent learning from tribes of the Amazon and teachings from the Central and South Americas, as well a traditions from the Eastern philosophies. In 2018 he started record label, Nixi Music, alongside producer multi instrumentalist Txai Fernando. The label is now home to medicine musicians including Curawaka, Ayla Schafer and Chandra Lacombe, amongst others. 


"Meeting Chandra Lacombe was very special, he had a huge spiritual influence on me. And being around so many master musicians the last years with Nixi Music, I have found so much musical inspiration. They have inspired me to land in a place where my spirituality and music can exist side by side. This new musical world I have come into has opened my ears in many ways, and to merge electronic sounds with live performances from skilled musicians feels the most natural thing to do.” - Nils Olav



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