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Ayla Schafer "Rose" official video is out!

Ayla says:

"Dedicating this video to all women and the beauty and wisdom that you are. Special dedication to my Mother, my blood sisters, and to all the beautiful friends and women I have had the honour to meet, laugh, cry, learn and love with in my life time.

May this video touch the Rose of your heart.

We are like the Rose we are stronger then we know.

Massive thank you to the amazing Iris Hollow for directing and producing this video and being such a wonderful being and artist to vision and create with :"

Watch Full Video here:

Track produced by: Txai Fernando

Featuring the beautiful vocals of Helen Knight and Susie Ro Music, thank you for being my true sisters of soul and song

Massive Gratitude to all these beautiful women for your presence in the video:

Mariana Cortesao, Jen Amor, Laura Nolty, Ana Root, Daniela Mar, Danielle Riegel, Iris Santa, Veerle Phara, Paula Katharina, Sheya Alonso, Alexandra Alonso, Cristina López, Samantha Murray, Mariana Mar, Ana Pomar, Eva Joy, Helen Graham, Shivani Maria, Karlijn Scheffers, Josy Frotton, Lex Francis, Raya-Danae, Lailah-Anais, Radka Valová

We symbolically represent and honour all nations and bloodlines of woman including those that were not visually present in the making of this video

Rose artwork by: Camilla Coutinho Silva Photos Turquoise dress by: Mudra Collection Graphic design for image by: Barbara Machado


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