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Ayla Schafer "Listen, Water Brings A Message" lyric video is out!

"With all that is happening in the world right now I'm humbled & touched to release today on the equinox full moon this special new music video. It is given to the world with a deep prayer that it may touch your hearts & whisper with a gentle power to the depths of your being, that it may stir a remembering inside of you to listen profoundly & respond with strength and inspiration to the call from Life itself for us to wake up, come home, remember in our bones that we belong to life."

Video edited by Iris Hollow Art

"Listen... Water brings a message” is an adaption of the original Message of Water which was given to Azul Thomé, a friend and teacher of Ayla, on 2nd December 2016 by the River Dart in Devon, UK, after she fell on her knees asking the river how to love when there is so much loss?

More about the message of water:


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