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Ayla Schafer "Fluyendo" official music video out!

Ayla says: We wanted to create an art piece that celebrates and honours the mystery of water. With this video you have the opportunity to journey under water and appreciate the deep beauty of this magical other world.

It has been a long journey, amongst many twists and turns in the river of creation this video. It has taken far longer than I could have ever imagined and has been a deep teacher, bringing me some beautiful surprise gifts of healing and growth. I am so touched by the mystery of how creative projects come with their deeper blessings and teachings, never is it only about the final outcome, but more about the journey to get there and what that means and brings to me. I am so happy to be now ready to share it with you!"



Cinamatography by lukecoley Directed by Rani Messias Creational post production by Benjamin Wedemeyer Underwater model - Maleni Reyes Production design - Rani Messias Styling - Debla Tulum


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