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Ayla Schafer feat. Murray Kyle "Honour the Water" is out today!

Ayla Schafer and Murray Kyle unite to release "Honour The Water" - A Musical Odyssey into the Heart of water

Ayla Schafer, the mesmerising 'Voice of the Earth,' and Murray Kyle, the mystic troubadour of Byron Bay, Australia, have joined creative forces to unveil a transformative musical piece titled "Honour The Water." This collaborative creation is a resounding call to action in response to the global water crisis and the pressing environmental challenges facing our planet.

"Honour The Water" is a profound musical journey that reflects Ayla Schafer's deep connection to water, and has inspired her "Honour the Water" tour across Europe this year. This song is an eloquent expression of reverence for the waters that sustain all life, from the rivers within our bodies to the oceans of our emotions and inner worlds. It serves as a poignant reminder of the sacredness of life and our interconnectedness with the natural world.

Ayla Schafer collaborated with Murray Kyle to achieve balance by incorporating the masculine voice, symbolising the importance of equilibrium in these pivotal times. Produced by Txai Fernando, “Honour The Water" is a call to return to our place within the web of life and to honour water as the essence of ALL life.

“This song is an expression of my journey in remembering what sacred really means and a response to the call to return to our place within the web of life”

Ayla Schafer

Ayla Schafer: A 'World Folk' Visionary and Musical Luminary

Ayla Schafer is a multi-lingual 'world folk' singer-songwriter, celebrated worldwide for her profound compositions that interweave original poetic songs with traditional and tribal music. Her growing international presence has solidified her reputation as a potent voice in Healing Music and the burgeoning eco-spiritual movement. Ayla's live performances provide a sacred, heart-opening space for all who are present, a testament to her ability to express music that resonates with deep heart, wisdom, and soul.

Murray Kyle: The Mystic Troubadour and Earth's Sonic Emissary

Murray Kyle, hailing from Byron Bay, Australia, has cultivated a dedicated international fan base through 15 years of grassroots touring worldwide. His live performances of heart medicine and Earth-honoring songs blend conscious lyrics with authentic intention and a well-produced sound. Murray's music spans Shamanic Soul, Conscious Roots, World, and Sacred Music genres. As a prolific songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and sound engineer, he has released multiple self-produced studio albums dedicated to unity consciousness and the reawakening of the beauty within.

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