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Astral Flowers ‘Kingdom of Earth’ out now!


«For the kingdom of earth we heal together»


Kingdom of Earth is the fourth album by Astral Flowers, containing 8 jewels of wisdom and much musical sweetness from the sacred treasure chest of Bastiaan Kamãvena and Nixi Music co-founder Txai Fernando. “This album came as a surprise, even to us!”


Eight years ago, Bastiaan recorded what he describes as an explosion in Fernando’s studio. It culminated in not only an entire album trilogy but now also this record, which at first was thought of as a collection of unreleased tracks. 


“There is a lot for us to learn and to explore on this earth,” Bastiaan says. “The songs are all related to the alchemy of the elements. When we are healing together, we are upgrading life and this kingdom for future generations to live together in harmony.”


Speaking of future generations, both of the Txai’s have their daughters contributing to songs: Bastiaan’s Namira to the stormy «Yansa», and Fernando’s Clara to Mestre Irineu’s hymn «Canto Nas Alturas». And as we have learned to expect from the seminal medicine music duo, the album hosts many other brilliant musical guests: Curawaka, Chandra Lacombe, Diego Brasil, Renato Anesi, Diego Francisco, Michael Beck, Elina Reale and of course the «third flower» Marileen Lewis.


You can hear Kingdom of Earth everywhere now:





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