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Adrian Freedman "Kindred Souls" out today.

"I feel a mixture of relief, honour and joy at finally reaching the date of release for the Kindred Souls album.

Relief, because of the time and effort it has taken to shape these ten pieces into the final form and flow on the album.

Honour, because as I look at the list of amazing musicians I feel so very fortunate and grateful to find myself in such magical company.

Joyful, because I really love this music, feel so happy to offer to the world at this time - peaceful and soothing, uplifting, surprising, expansive, dynamic and transcendental.

This project grew from very humble beginnings as I made random recordings with various musicians on my travels around the world."

Adrian Freedman

‘Kindred Souls’ Track List & Credits:

1. ASTRAL DAWN Words and Music by Adrian Freedman Adrian Freedman - voice, guitar, percussion Ayla Schafer - voice Susie Ro - voice Ravi Freeman - kora, guitar Arjun Magee - dholak Misha Mullov Abbado - double bass

2. MYSTIC FLIGHT Music by Pavel Sedlacek & Adrian Freedman Pavel Sedlacek - omana handpan Adrian Freedman - shakuhachi

3. AWAKENING PEACE Words and Music by Darpan and Adrian Freedman Darpan – voice & Shruti Box Adrian Freedman - shakuhachi Sigmund Vatvedt – dilruba Maneesh de Moor – Bells, Percussion & Synth Elina Rodevic - violin Endre Hareide – bass Nils Olav Lausund - Synth

4. ALHURIYA Music by Adrian Freedman and Adnan Agha – Buzhug Adrian Freedman - shakuhachi

5. HIJOS GUERREROS DO SOL Words and Music by Kuauhtli Vasquez Kuauhtli Vasquez - voice, guitar Tao Txana - voice, guitar Tavo Vazquez - charango Adrian Freedman - shakuhachi, guitar, percussion

6. APRIL FORTUNE Music by Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, Hiroki Okano & Adrian Freedman Yoshiyuki ‘Yao’ Matsumoto - balafon Hiroki Okano - kalimba Adrian Freedman - shakuhachi

7. NIGHTINGALE SOUL CALL Music by Adrian Freedman and Sam Lee Nightingale - birdsong Sam Lee - shruti Adrian Freedman - shakuhachi

8. TRYAMBAKAM Words and Music Traditional Maureenji - voice Nick Barber - keyboards and programming Adrian Freedman - shakuhachi

9. DESERT DREAM Music by Adriano Machado & Adrian Freedman Adriano Machado - bendir Adrian Freedman - shakuhachi

10. DEEP SPACE BLUE Music by Esoh, Ema & Adrian Freedman Esoh - didgeridoo, percussion Ema - erhu, voice Adrian Freedman - shakuhachi

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