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Nils Olav Remix of "Deep Space Blue" out this Friday!

Nixi Music co-founder Nils Olav, aka Nils Noa, returns to the label with a remix of ‘Deep Space Blue’ from Adrian Freedman’s ‘Kindred Souls’ LP.

Following releases on Universal Music, a BBC Radio One Essential Mix and a prestigious residency at The Villa Oslo, Norwegian producer Nils Noa now takes his birth name Nils Olav as he returns to his Nixi Music imprint with a progressive remix of shakuhachi flute maestro Adrian Freedman’s ‘Deep Space Blue’.

Taken from Adrian Freedman’s ‘Kindred Spirits’ featuring musicians from five continents, Nils Olav’s twist on ‘Deep Space Blue’ boasts a chunky, intensifying bassline lying beneath the resonant sounds of the didgeridoo oscillating around the beat. Shakers and rattles accompany the harmony of the shakuhachi and ululating vocals on this cinematic voyage.

‘Deep Space Blue (Nils Olav Remix)’ drops via Nixi Music on 18th February 2021.

Tracklist: 1) Adrian Freedman, Ema & Esoh - Deep Space Blue (Nils Olav Remix)

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