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New signing, Flowers of the Forest!

We are delighted to tell you we have signed the Norwegian / Estonian duo, Flowers of the Forest. We will release their debut single "The Calling" on Friday December 17th, and a string of singles before their album also titled The Calling comes later in 2022.

Flowers of the Forest is a musical journey created and composed by Sigmund Vatvedt and Rutt Treima. The group combines various musical expressions, cultures and languages. It bridges the ancient and modern, inspired by folklore and traditions spanning the north, south, east and west. The songs express the beauty of nature and the creative Life Force. The lyrics speak of the hearts longing to be free. At its core, the music embodies a deep spiritual calling which comes to life through the melodies, harmonies and sounds. It is a powerful creative expression, a prayer for the souls yearning to awaken and live life fully.

Their upcoming debut album “The Calling” is the result of many years of searching for the Great Spirit. It is an invitation to the listener to undergo the journey of self exploration, transcendence, inner peace and connection to nature.The album is a multilingual meeting of ethnic traditions, medicine music and the singer songwriter genre. Flowers of the Forest creates a sound that is genuine to the source and weaves a unique story between indigenous and western cultures.

The first track to be released is “The Calling”. The song’s genesis was born at the River of Jordao, in the Brazilian Amazon where Sigmund has spent long periods studying with the native people and was completed in Norway. The song merges various indigenous shamanic cultures of the north, south and west and is a call for the spirit to awaken from the deep slumber of modern life. To begin the journey of attaining freedom and the meeting point between polarities. To awaken the indwelling divinity that lies in the heart and soul of all Life.

More about Flowers of the Forest:


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