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Mose remix of Flowers of the Forest is out!

Flowers of the Forest - Prayer Song (Mose Remix): A Harmonious Tribute to Healing and Connection, out now!

Prepare to embark on a soul-stirring journey of healing and unity as renowned music producer Mose, based in Guatemala on the breathtaking volcanic crater lake of Atitlán, unveils his remix of "Prayer Song," the latest single by the enchanting duo, Flowers of the Forest. This captivating musical fusion is set for release August 30th on Nixi Music. Flowers of the Forest, the visionary musical duo consisting of Rutt Treima and Sigmund Vatvedt, has carved a unique niche in the musical landscape with their evocative melodies and profound lyrics. Rooted in a deep connection to the Earth and its rhythms, their music is a celebration of healing, unity, and the interconnectedness of all life forms. "Prayer Song," the original composition that has now been lovingly remixed by Mose, is a heartfelt ode to the human journey, paying tribute to the steps taken on the path of healing and inner growth.

Mose draws inspiration from the cultural tapestry of his surroundings, where cacao ceremonies, kirtan, and ecstatic dance have profoundly influenced his productions and DJ style. At the heart of his creative journey lies the majestic Atitlán, a haven for creativity and introspection. Mose's deep connection with this landscape has led to the foundation of regular cacao dances, allowing community members to immerse themselves in a ceremonial dance space that nurtures inner exploration and self-expression, free from the influence of alcohol.

Beyond the beats and rhythms, Mose masterfully weaves sacred chants and calls to love, kindness, and compassion into his music. He often collaborates with live musicians, creating spontaneous and improvisational pieces that resonate with the energy of the moment. His intention is to provide a sonic foundation for self-discovery and the cultivation of present-mindedness, offering listeners new insights and heightened clarity in their purpose. When not traversing the global music scene or curating transformative events in Guatemala, Mose enters into extended periods of retreat and silence, emerging with a refined and authentic sound that resonates at a deeper level. Additionally, he champions emerging artists through his record label, Resueño, which acts as a catalyst for resonant souls to co-create music that uplifts and inspires. The label's sonic exploration transcends cultural boundaries, weaving diverse sounds and languages from around the world to evoke a universal vibration.

«I was immediately touched by the energy and lyrics of this song. I feel that it comes as a universal prayer, expanding beyond any particular culture to touch the hearts of anyone open to receive. It was a beautiful, deep journey working on the remix for this song and it has been powerful sharing it in many different places around the world.» Mose

"Prayer Song (Mose Remix)" by Flowers of the Forest on Nixi Music is a testament to Mose's dedication to musical innovation, spiritual depth, and community betterment. This harmonious remix is poised to resonate with souls across the globe, creating a ripple of healing and interconnectedness. Mose's remix of "Prayer Song" keeps the songs spiritual essence while adding a fresh and captivating sonic dimension. The infusion of multicultural rhythms and hypnotic beats aligns seamlessly with Flowers of the Forest's vision, creating a sonic tapestry.

Listen, Stream & Download here:

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