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Flowers of the Forest debut album "The Calling" is out today!

Flowers of the Forest is a musical journey created by Sigmund Vatvedt and Rutti Atitasha. They are part of the growing Medicine Music movement - music made with the intention to heal, open the heart and expand consciousness, with roots in different indigenous healing rituals and ceremonial settings. Their music is a meeting between the ancient and modern; inspired by folklore and traditions from the west and the east, the north and the south. Their lyrics speak of the hearts longing to be free, and in the core of the music is a deep spiritual calling which comes to life through the melodies, harmonies and sounds. Created in an expression of the soul’s yearning to awaken and to live life fully.

The debut album ‘The Calling’ by Flowers of the Forest is the result of many years of searching for the Great Spirit. It is a musical invitation to undergo the journey of self exploration, transcendence, inner peace and connection to nature. The album is a multilingual meeting of ethnic traditions, medicine music and the singer songwriter genre. Flowers of the Forest creates a sound that is genuine to the source and weaves a unique thread between indigenous and western cultures. Telling a story, ‘The Calling’ starts with an invitation to undergo the journey and process of the soul’s awakening. Once the call is heard the journey begins and carries you through different stages of an adventure until you land deep home in your heart.

The album has many guest artists who play a crucial role in the sound creation, including Brazilian kalimba master, singer and musician Chandra Lacombe. Throat singer and master musician Radik Tyulyush from Southern Siberia, who is a member of the music group Huun Huur Tu that inspired the song Steppe. Kailash Kokopelli, an old friend and musical inspiration to the duo, recognized as a cross-cultural bridge-maker, medicine person and humanitarian artist working with indigenous people around the planet. Ixa Huni Kuin, a shaman from the Huni Kuin tribe in Amazon Brazil, that both Sigmund and Rutt have worked with and travelled the world with for several years. He has taught Sigmund the traditional healing chants of the Huni Kuin and contributes with one of those chants in the Prayer Song. Nawapana is also from the Huni Kuin tribe in the Amazon, Brazil and a dear friend, he shared a closing prayer in Prayer Song.

As well as contributions from Norwegian jazz musician Kenneth Ekornes. Award-winning, London-based jazz bass player, composer & arranger Misha Mullov-Abbado, Lithuanian violinist Elina Rodevic, Norwegian tin whistle musician Øystein Nødtvedt, Israeli musician and sound healer Tal Zimra Coleman. Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Txai Fernando. Norwegian bass player, musician Endre Hareide. French cellist Florian Antier. Estonian artist and flute player Maaria Treima. Belgian award-winning trad musician, Hartwin Joris Dhoore, Norwegian composer and music arranger Sigurd Nicolai Winge, Norwegian musician, drummer and percussionist Gunnar Augland, Norwegian Hurdy Gurdy player Jørgen Kramer-Johansen.

Many times the instrumentation of the songs came alive during recording of the musicians. Some of the guest musicians recorded their musical parts in their home countries, such as France, England and Tuva. Sigmund and Rutti were part of the whole process from the recordings of the vocals and instruments, the production, editing, mixing and mastering of each song.

“This whole creative process has been very enriching and has taught us both a lot. Our intention with the album is to invite the listener to a journey of self exploration and to find peace and freedom within their souls. We hope that anyone beyond their musical preference may be able to receive the energy and vibrations behind the songs and be supported in the process of opening their hearts, connecting to nature and be inspired in their personal journey.” — Flowers of the Forest

About Flowers Of The Forest

Sigmund was born in Norway. At 12 he started playing classical guitar, which led to deepening his study of music in college. At the age of 21 he moved to India to study sitar and dilruba, where he spent 1,5 years transforming all his belief systems and former education of music. In 2006 he was diagnosed with MS, lost his ability to play guitar, and was condemned to a life in a wheelchair, which initiated a deep journey of healing and self exploration. He heard the calling and decided to go to the Amazon rainforest in search of healing. After spending some months with a medicine woman he received the gift of total restored health and was completely healed. This great transformative miracle deeply affected all aspects of his life, and shines through the music and his compositions. Rutti Atitasha was born in Estonia to neo-hippie parents that used to sing freedom songs and were part of a local independence movement. Expelled from the former Soviet Union led to a life in various countries in the world and a love for different cultures and traditions. Music has always been a big part of her life, growing up with three musical sisters, playing piano and singing in choirs. She is a devoted student of the mysteries of Life, continuing the travels and journeying the different dimensions of the inner and outer landscapes. The spirit of freedom and compassion is clearly present in her voice and her music. She is also a doula and a visual artist, channelling messages through paintings, poetry and sound.

Album tracklist: 1.The Calling

2.The Beginning 3.Eventyret 4.A Neverending Story 5.Steppe 6.Prayer Song 7.The River 8.We Are Free 9.Coming Home 10.Rainha

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