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Exclusive Curawaka & Astral Flowers version of "Bella Flor" out now!

Curawaka and Astral Flowers have united their creative superpowers and delivered a truly special version of "Bella Flor" with permission of the author of the song Taita Bladi. It is only available now on YouTube until the full release later in the summer. This version is recorded especially for the Olli Ylinen film "Beginning of a New Era" that is premiering this Friday 18.06.2022. The footage from this music video is taken from the movie and you can watch the whole movie for free on the release date.

With our deepest gratitude for Taita Bladi Sandoval, Ruth Rosero and family from pueblo Chachi, Equador.

Watch Curawaka and Astral Flowers - Bella Flor music video:


Performed by Curawaka & Astral Flowers

Anna Bariyani - Vocals

Tavo Vazquez - Quena flute, Choir

Txai Fernando – Percussion, Choir

Bastiaan Kamavena – Guitar, Choir

Cesar Alcedo - Charango

Diego Francisco – Bass

Richard Sanchez – Congas

Alberto Arroyo - Choir

Bola Cosmica – Choir

Marileen Lewis – Choir

Clara Soloina – Choir

Recorded & mixed by Txai Fernando

Mastered by Jock Loveband

Video editing - Jari Järvi, Olli Ylinen

Colour Grading - Timo Teräväinen



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