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Curawaka`s second album "Dreamtime" out today!

Curawaka, the renowned world medicine music ensemble, released their second and highly anticipated album, Dreamtime, today. Produced by Txai Fernando (producer of Ayla Schafer, Chandra Lacombe).

In Dreamtime, Curawaka weaves a captivating soundscape. Their second album is a journey through sound and soul, through fabrics of waking and dreaming reality, with stitches of world rhythms and celestial melodies. Within these sounds, Curawaka is leading the way back to the heart, with a message to take care of nature and protect the natural world.

The concept of Dreamtime comes from the long and dark Arctic winters that have sculptured the heart and soul of vocalist and songwriter Anna Bariyani. “When the land itself is sleeping, we say that nature goes into dreamtime. We believe the seeds are sleeping and dreaming underneath the snow, somehow receiving its mission and the vitality needed to grow and blossom in spring. Dreamtime provides the soul with the conditions to rejuvenate and prepare to fulfil its original purpose.”

From the frozen embrace of the Northern lights and crystalline white winters of her native Scandinavia, Bariyani’s voice and storytelling brings us across the ocean through jungles of the Amazon, deserts in Mexico and over the mighty Andes mountains, which adds lush scales and passionate Latin-American folk rhythms into Curawaka’s expression.

Dreamtime is also a profound testament to Curawaka's mission to highlight the voices of First Nation Peoples. The album, which includes six languages, features collaborations with, and guest appearances by, several indigenous leaders, elders and wisdom keepers from around the world, continuing Curawaka’s commitment to celebrating and honouring native cultures, emphasising their pivotal role in the healing of humankind.

Anna Bariyani elaborates: "Native cultures still have a living connection to the land, which most of the modern world has lost. This connection to nature is the very umbilical cord to life itself. In order to restore harmony in the world, we need to restore our connection to the land, we must listen to nature, listen to the wise folk, listen to their songs and stories, listen to our own bones. Listen deep, and remember."

Dreamtime tells musical stories of prayers and prophecies; it celebrates the infinite beauty and sacredness of life, and carries a message of hope, trust and unity in a time when the world yearns for reconnection and authenticity.

Listen, Stream & Download the album here:

Collaborations with Indigenous voices on Dreamtime:

Shamboriri, written by Anna Bariyani and Alberto Arroyo, with guest appearance from Don Eusebio Lopez from the Wixarika people of Mexico.

Aunali, an ancient Inuit song, performed by Curawaka and Hivshu, an Inuit elder from Greenland.

Bitatara, a traditional song by the Shawandawa people of the Brazilian Amazon. Performed by Curawaka, with original song by Doña Francisca of the Shawandawa people. Used with permission from Doña Franciscas family.

La Senda, written by Tavo Vazquez, supported with traditional prayer song by healer and wiseman Taita Nando from Colombia.

Dreamtime, written by Anna Bariyani and Alberto Arroyo, starring elements from all guest voices listed above, in a compilation of indigenous prayers in Dreamtime.

Album tracklist: 1.Shamboriri


3.Aurora Boreal



6.La Senda

7.La Respuesta

8.Freedom Song

9.Ved Tidens Ende


About Curawaka: Curawaka is an international musical group of unique soundscapes, mixing elements from indigenous traditions, traditional Latin-American folk rhythms and soaring melodies from Scandinavian folklore. Curawaka have spent years living with, and learning from, indigenous tribes all over the globe. Their music is rich with harmonies from the natural world, with songs that echo the movement of a worldwide native culture, and celebrate the voices of First Nation Peoples, their spirituality and relation to the land.

Read more about Curawaka at:


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